AGC Plasma Technology Solutions, a business unit within AGC Glass Europe SA, is a provider of industrial vacuum coating equipment with expertise in magnetron sputtering, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and ion beam implantation. AGC Plasma has a customer centric approach with a demonstration center in Lauenförde, Germany at the service of our customers to make product prototypes and realize proof of concepts. Next, AGC Plasma is a one-stop provider for your vacuum plasma equipment. We take full responsibility for the delivery and start-up of a turnkey vacuum plasma coating line.


Agilent supports scientists in 110 countries in cutting-edge life science research; patient diagnostics; and testing required to ensure the safety of water, food and pharmaceuticals. Our advanced instruments, software, consumables, and services enable our customers to produce the most accurate and reliable results as well as optimal scientific, economic, and operational outcomes. We play a role in advancing important research and testing, with our scientists creating some of the world’s most leading-edge technology and our field engineers working side by side with customers to help them maximize productivity. We bring these solutions to a variety of markets, from pharma and diagnostics to applied materials and chemicals. Together with our customers, we’re bringing great science to life.


Ampres is a leading supplier of advanced Plasma Sources for a broad range of applications in Large Area Glass, Solar, Display and Optical coating. The company on sources that can be scaled to any length for reactive gas delivery, ion beam assisted deposition, ion beam sputtering and PECVD.


Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH is specialized in the production of bespoke equipment for various coating and printing processes, lamination and drying processes for various substrates. Another core competence is the upscaling of laboratory processes into pilot scale production as well as process development, optimization and consulting. Within the range of innovative and individual coating solutions, Coatema offers solutions for functional coating on glass and plastics. The focus in this area is on optimizing performance and durability as well as retrofitting special functions to the materials in order to perform in a wide range of application areas. Examples for these areas are electronic displays, solar cells, electrochromic films and innovative packaging. By actively participating in European research and development projects, Coatema constantly develops new solutions for future-oriented innovations together with many international partners and is always open to new project collaborations.


CCR Technology is the inventor of the COPRA Plasma Technology® and serves the supply chain of end user, original equipment manufacturers and research groups in markets like optics, solar, semiconductor, wear & decorative coatings, large area glass coatings as well as storage and display media. The business of CCR is all around COPRA Plasma Sources based on a unique 13.56 MHz RF plasma excitation method which is superior due to its power efficiency, scalability and its reliability. Target applications are plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition „PECVD“​ of silicon, metal oxides and nitrides for barrier & functional layers, for optical filter stacks as for protective and wear & decorative coatings, as well as the assistence of PVD Processes as f.e. Sputter Assist or E-Gun Assist.


The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP is located in Dresden and focuses on developing innovative solutions, technologies and processes for surface modification and organic electronics. For the development of solutions for various industrial tasks in surface treatment, vacuum coating and for organic semiconductors we use our core competencies in electron beam technology, roll-to-roll technology, plasma-activated large-area and precision coating, the development of technological key components. We offer a broad range of research, development and pilot manufacturing opportunities, especially for the treatment, structuring and finishing of surfaces as well as for organic and inorganic sensors and optical filters. Our fields of work are subdivided into 6 business units based on the different materials and geometries being processed and due to special technological synergies.


Gencoa provide components and expert solutions for vacuum coating applications, with products and services covering all stages of glass coating processes from plasma pre-treatment and ion sources to planar and rotatable magnetron sputter cathodes. Instruments for control and gas analysis complement Gencoa’s range of deposition components, delivering enhanced coating properties and highly responsive process control. Gencoa also offer a coating development service for process design, source development or performance improvements – carried out in-house by an experienced R&D team.


GfE Fremat GmbH is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality coating materials for PVD thin film applications. With more than 100 years of experience in materials science, technology, engineering and manufacturing, our core competencies include various thermal spraying technologies, vacuum melting and powder processing. These capabilities enable us to supply elemental metals, metal alloys, oxides and mixtures thereof as planar and rotatable sputtering targets with up to 4 meters (152″) in length.
Being part of AMG Critical Materials N.V., Netherlands, GfE operates three production sites in Germany and North America with about 500 employees. With our coating materials „Made in Germany“ and reliable raw material sourcing, partly within the AMG Group, we are the right partner for your requirements in glass coating, photovoltaics, solar thermal applications and precision optics. GfE’s innovative high-performance materials deliver efficiency, reliability and the best value to the coating business of our customers.


Konica Minolta has stood for creativity, innovation and the creation of new value since 1873. After many successful developments, our company is now a market-leading technology and managed service provider. As a reliable partner in the field of information technology, we create added value through data. Whether it’s IT security, productivity, mobile working or innovations in the areas of production printing, inkjet, finishing and label printing – we prove our expertise on a daily basis. And we offer the best portfolio and the smartest services for the digital transformation of our customers. We are more than 2,000 employees in Germany and Austria who proudly look to the future and responsibly break new ground. We combine the power of a globally networked company with the immediate proximity of our regional branches. Our actions are based on a clear commitment to sustainability and the careful use of our planet’s resources.


We are your reliable partner for customized automation solutions as well as a full-range supplier of requirement-specific special and customized machines of the highest standards. For 35 years, we have been developing customized automation solutions and implementing demanding and development-intensive automation tasks at an uncompromisingly high level of quality. In addition to our strength in the development of process technology, we focus in particular on the essential components of drive and control technology, including all-embracing services, precise I/O technology and highly integrative automation software. We also boast outstanding expertise in the field of vacuum-specialized drive and positioning systems as well as a high level of research and development. We also have first-class capabilities and skills in requirement-specific and therefore highly customer-oriented special and custom machine construction.


Located in south Germany, MELEC produces and develops since 1998 DC-Pulse-Controller for plasma applications. With the experience of more than 20 years in power electronics and thin-film technology, MELEC sets standards in R&D and industrial applications. MELEC products are utilized for generating highly ionized plasma discharges, often called “High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering” or HiPIMS. Our generators have become the standard tool for customers to meet their demanding requirements for pulsed plasma applications. Our products are designed for the future, having great flexibility and process robustness in mind.


Since more than 30 years NAGY develops, manufactures and globally sells instruments for sheet resistance and OD measurement used for conductive coatings on substrates like foil, paper and glass (metallized, sputtered, or sprayed coatings, etc.) on vertical glass coating systems, roll-to-roll coaters or in laboratory environment. Major glass and foil coaters worldwide rely on NAGY’s measurement systems. NAGY is proud to supply major OEM manufacturers for coating systems. Get in touch with NAGY if you plan to upgrade existing coating lines. Visualization software for sheet to sheet or R2R applications is available for easy startup.


OMT Solutions offers world class innovative solutions for optical measurement and testing problems, custom made accessories for spectrophotometers and new optical materials.


robeko is a supplier of components and materials as well as a technology partner for sputter deposition. We are European distributor for the cutting-edge products of our partners Sputtering Components, Ionautics, House of Plasma, Sairem, ICS, Alicat, PLASUS, Magpuls and Thin Film Consulting. robeko provides planar and rotatable sputtering targets and bonding services for tribological, decorative and optical applications. We are proud of our in house manufacturing capabilities for cast planar targets and planar target bonding. As a technology partner our capabilities are ranging from feasibility studies and layer development to upscaling and process transfer into industrial production.


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PLASUS is a worldwide leading manufacturer of plasma monitor and process control systems for low-pressure as well as atmospheric pressure plasma applications in productions lines as well as R&D. Our turnkey solution are the first choice for plasma analysis, optimization of plasma processes and active process control, like reactive sputtering, endpoint detection, quality control and fault detection. PLASUS provides also a variety of in-vacuum optics components with coating protection device suitable for heavy duty applications and with low maintenance time. Our cutting-edge solutions are well established in most glass, plastics and electronics coating markets, e.g. architectural glass industry, optical industry, MEMS, solar cells, packaging and semiconductor industry.


SENTECH Gesellschaft für Sensortechnik mbH sells high technology equipment for thin film metrology, plasma process technology and carrier lifetime measurement. We are located close to Munich at KIM, Krailling. The “Kraillinger Innovations Meile” combines innovative technology, service and craftsmanship in one business campus. We are fast growing with our portfolio of world leading products for industrial and research applications. The knowhow of our sales-team and the close cooperation with our partners, SENTECH Instruments and Freiberg Instruments, are our most valuable asset.


Soleras Advanced Coatings is the global leader in custom engineered sputtering equipment and best in class target materials for a wide application field. Our customer centric engineering approach to sputtering equipment ensures that our solutions contribute to your peak performance. As the market leader in sputter targets, our expertise in materials and engineering knowledge ensures a highly customized solution from A to Z.


SURAGUS GmbH is a German company that is specialized in providing solutions for nondestructive material testing. We use new technical opportunities and the technical advances in microelectronics, manufacturing and miniaturization technologies and computer technology to develop eddy current testing solutions optimized for our customers’ needs. The applied eddy current testing technology features a wide frequency range that comprises also very high frequencies. This flexibility in range combined with advanced measuring procedures allows the fast testing of both very low and well conductive materials. Our testing equipment portfolio comprises portable hand-held devices, table-sized benchtop testing solutions, robot based systems and standard and customized inline-solutions.


VON ARDENNE has a long tradition in glass coating. Today, VON ARDENNE has established itself as a vital supplier for the vacuum coating industry for more than 45 years. We offer solutions for many applications, especially for flat substrates and large coating areas. The world’s leading manufacturers of architectural and automotive glass work with VON ARDENNE equipment and process solutions.


With a long-standing history in the field of large area coating ZEISS has constantly supported manufacturers of coating equipment as well as the users of such systems to improve the stability of their machines and processes they run. We offer in-line monitoring spectrometer systems to control and monitor the quality of large-area coating processes with lab accuracy and high measurement frequency.