Poster Session & After work reception

Monday, June 24, 18:30 – 20:00 hrs

Location: MESSE Dresden, Hall 3, Messering 6, 01067 Dresden, Germany

Title Author/s
P1: Intermittent Spray Pyrolysis Deposition for Thin-Film Makings Including FTO on Glass Substrate Shoji Kaneko, SPD Laboratory, Japan
P2: Synthesis of polyborosilazane to fabricate glass-ceramic coating with high thermal stability Parisa Naghadian Moghaddam, FunGlass, Alexander Dubčeka University of Trenčíne, Slovakia
P3: Low-frequency pulsed-DC sputtering of titanium dioxide thin films Philipp Dürrenfeld, Advanced Energy Industries, Germany
P4: Multilayered Transparent Thin Film Coatings for Enhanced Antibacterial Effect Yasin Bayram, SISECAM Science Technology and Design Center, Türkiye
P5: Enhancing Color Control in Coil Coating Production: The Significance of Inline Color Measurement Michael Saeger, X-Rite Pantone, Switzerland
P6: The effects of non-metal doping on the properties of DLC coatings produced using magnetron sputtering Patrick Mccarthy, Gencoa, United Kingdom
P7: Intercomparison of normal emissivity measurements on coated float glass Marlous Hofmans, OMT Solutions, Netherlands
P8: Abrasion resistant coatings on flexible substrates using vacuum and non-vacuum-based technologies Steffen Günther, Fraunhofer FEP, Germany
P9: „Coala“: A versatile platform for single- and multilayer COAted Layer Analysis Thomas Bretz, Intrinex, Germany
P10: Curtailing Formaldehyde in Waterborne Organic Coatings for Glass Dr. Chintankumar Jayantilal Patel, BASF, Germany
P11: Inkjet printing of functional thin films activated by ms-range flash lamp annealing Dr. Lars Rebohle, HZDR (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf), Germany
P12: Stable hybrid HiPIMS/RF sputtering process on a single magnetron for arc-free deposition of compact oxide films Günter Mark, Melec, Germany